Dirty Boy Video
Sneaker Fucker
We got chatting with Jules in our favorite West Village watering hole and just knew he had a big fat cock. Sometimes you can just tell! He came in to try out our Fleshjack, and offered to slide i...
Nature Boyz - Scene 2
Chad Worker, Paul Roman and Martin Workman get back to nature with raw, wild ass fucking in the great outdoors. Sex as nature intended it to be.
Workshop Orgy
Director Hervé Handsome steps out of his usual box here by using not only his tried and true hairless beauty contestants, but more than a few guys with tons of hair, some tattoos, and a little more...
Sexpack 7 - Slurp & Snort
Slurp and Snort is the sound of two men enjoying every crevice of the other's muscled bodies.
Fetish Force
The Shaft - Scene 1
Miguel Leonn looks hot in leather and he has one of the finest uncut cocks in porn - here filty hottie Sean Storm takes him it the ass and guzzles his cum down his throat.
Treasure Island
Anarcocks: Pirate Tape 1 - Sc 8
Called 'ultra-hot and fuckin' beautiful to watch' The Anarcocks (Massimo & Steve) create must-see porn for sex-pigs everywhere ...enjoy
Steamy Encounters - Sc 1
Tattooed muscle daddy Til Wegman picks up T.P. Deaux in the locker room, and the two of them go at it in the hot water spa, and then in a shadowy labyrinth of glory holes.
Jake Cruise
Rei Rei
Rei Rei has the hot tight body of a college athlete. He proudly shows off his big muscles and big hard cock to anyone who wants to watch.
A sexy gay thief, looking for some hidden treasures, sneaks into an apartment while 2 boys are sleeping. Soon he makes a bit too much noise and is caught by the 2 sleeping studs! Want to guess what...
Laughing Asians
Bad Acting Foot Bitches
This video starts off humorously with Rodz TRYING to be a commanding dominant master, but couldn't seem to wipe the cheesey grin from his face when issuing his demands to his two boy foot bitches. ...
Falcon TV
In Your Wildest Dreams - Sc 4
In the doctor's waiting room both men are looking for a thorough examination. The doctor is in - in a stunning set of boots that get worshiped as they should be. Meanwhile the receptionist watche...
On The Hunt
Late Night Orgy
After a long day of shooting scenes in NYC, porn stars Jeremy Hall and Trevor Knight walk in on two of our hot amateurs, Adam and Tyler fooling around. Quicker than you can say 'cock', Jeremy grabs...
High Octane
Male Search - Sc 3
What a match muscled duo Attilla and Istvan make in this video. They get dirty in this-bathroom set fuck, putting their huge, built bodies to work on each other and producing some boner-inducing fa...
Cocksure Men
Brad and John
Watching these two go at it, you can practically feel the Miami heat steaming off the screen. Afterwards they made a date. Who says there can't be romance on the job?
Dirty Dawg Productions
Three The Hard Way - Sc 1
Lito Cruz, Paul Stag and Chad Brock are a dream team threesome. Built, big dicked, horny daddies who just love to fuck. Chad is on his knees taking both cock's in his mouth before they turn him o...
Teens and Twinks
Ripped and dark-haired Leo is a funky looking young twink. He's also dying to beat off, so we got him to strip down to that ripped, thin body and show us what he's got in this new jerk-off video.
Tribal Twinks
Romero Santiago
Romero Santiago is shy. This is his first time in front of the camera and it takes him a little while to get used to it but when he does his cock grows to a thick pole - perfect for sitting on!
Ricky Raunch
Chris Neal and Jake Wetmore
Chris and Jake feverishly sucking each other while in 69 position. Chris uses his hot tongue on Jake’s inked cock while Jake rim and licks Chris’ pink hole. It doesn’t take long for the action to h...
Adriano Morais
I met Adriano and his brother Andre at a casting session. I was auditioning lots of hot guys that day and the brothers were some of the very best. Adriano is a go-go dancer at a local bar, and he i...
Joshua Stix's Audition
Joshua Stix is not the typical guy you'd find at StraightMen. But when we saw the footage, we couldn't stop talking about Joshua's "dirty talk." Having grown up in the mid-west, Joshua reminds us o...
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